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Our Best Selling Self-Care Products You'll Love

Tired? Stressed? Give Yourself a Little Well-deserved Rest

If You Are:


An Expert in what you do but feeling a lot of pressure.

You're a busy person with lots of responsibilities and you've been successful so far.

You often feel stressed and overwhelmed, or even at the edge of a burnout.

You're looking for ways to rest and relax without loosing focus so that you can achieve your goals more easy.

Rest Amsterdam Manifesto:


As expats and professionals ourselves, we know how stressful work life can be. We know burnout is real and hits fast and hard.

All we want is to help professionals relax and unwind so that they’re ready to conquer their big project. Without risking burnout!

Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is smart!

So relax, take some rest. You got this!

Your Outcome:


When you're relaxed, calm and well rested, you make better decisions as you think clearly.

Your confidence goes up and other people notice that and value your time and input more.

You prioritize better therefore you achieve more with less effort, but effort directed into the right things

You're resilient!

See How People Are Using Our Products to Rest & Relax

Rest Amsterdam Reimagined Rest and Relaxation

Rest is personal.

Whether you're feeling physically and mentally exhausted or simply tired after a long day of calls, tasks and meetings, you should plan time to rest, relax and unwind.


Do it in style wearing our loungewear that has been designed with the ultimate rest and chill vibes in mind - that's why we call it Rest Wear.

Support your body and mind from the inside with supplements specially designed for people like you.

Use lavender aromas to create the ultimate relaxation during your bath & body routine.


So relax, take some rest. You've got this!

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