We help professionals relax and unwind so that they are ready for their next quest.

Regardless of the next big project ahead of you, you will not succeed if you don’t take care of yourself first. Not paying enough attention to your own well-being only decreases your confidence and makes you forget who you really are. This is how you burn out, fast. This is exactly what happened to us after 15 years in corporate world. At this very moment, Rest Amsterdam was born.

Rest Amsterdam has been created by Expats in The Netherlands, and Expats around the globe have a special place in our hearts - we understand how difficult and stressful things are when everything is different around you. 

We are here to help you catch a breath, relax and unwind so that you can stay on top. We will show you why rest is important, the different types of rest and how to make relaxation part of your daily routine. Treat yourself with our products as part of your relaxation and self-care routine to boost your confidence.

Rest Amsterdam is build on values - Authenticity, Integrity and Diversity. We believe in being yourself and always staying truth to yourself, no matter what. We believe in honesty and kindness and that everybody, regardless of their race, ethnicity, background, looks or preferences deserves the best. So relax, take some Rest and show the world your full potential and who you really are.

You've got this!