Lavender Essential Oil 30ml for sleep and relax


Reduce your stress and support your sleep with this luxury Lavender Essential Oil 30ml.


What is it?

Our pure essential oil derived from organically grown flowers in the Ligurian Alps, refined in ancient stills in the traditional, family way.


What does it do for you?

Lavender oil: 

  • helps you calm down and relax as it promotes reduction of anxiety, agitation and nervousness 
  • promotes sleep 
  • improves your skin as it has antiseptic properties thanks to it's natural ingredients such as camphor and cineol 
  • ideal to create calming atmosphere during your self-care routine or during meditation
  • we love to use it during work day, when stuck in long calls - we spray the lavender oil next to our desk, smell the amazing natural aroma and we get through the call, without anxiety and nervousness :)
  • ideal as part of your goodnight routine, just before going to sleep as the lavender aroma helps you calm down and release tension


Who is it for?

For busy people who are experts in their fields and living a fast-paced successful life, who are under stress and wish to rest, relax and unwind, and most importantly - sleep like a baby, like never before.


How to use it?

Instructions: Diffused throughout the room or applied on a pillow, the oil is calming and relaxing, promoting better sleep. It encourages meditation and emotional rebalancing. Applying it on the temples is an excellent remedy against headaches and stress. You can add 10 drops to warm water for a relaxing bath.Oil can be applied directly on skin or sculp.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membrane. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not use while taking antidepressants, sedatives or anticoagulant. Do not apply to skin directly before sun exposure. Store it away from direct light and heat. Although lavender oil is well tolerated, in rare cases, it may cause alergic reaction due to naturally present linalool. 


How it's made?

Ingredients (INCI): Lavandula Hybrida herb oil*, linalool**, limonene**. (*from organic farming) (**naturally present in essential oils)


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Lavender essential oil (lavendel olie) aroma sprayed in your bedroom creates calming sleep atmosphere.
Lavender essential oil (lavendel olie) helps you sleep well through the night. It is 30 ml of essential lavender oil, from Ligurian lavender organic farm.
Rest Amsterdam lavender essential oil comes from organically grown lavender with no artificial ingredients. Pure lavender nature for your sleep
Lavender essential oil from Rest Amsterdam comes in a glass bottle of 30 ml for ultimate relaxation and sleep
Lavender essential oil from Rest Amsterdam is packaged together with dried lavender to give you something extra for your self care routine and sleep